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We don't know what happened before Cannes, but do you think Josh and Jen ever kissed? And not in a kidding way, like a real kiss? Like just from tension build up?


I believe something happened between them in Hawaii. 

I don’t know the depth, but I believe it was more than just kisses. Josh has completely changed from one year to another. And I don’t believe that it was only Claudia’s influence in his life.

I believe there was something between Joshifer. Josh changed his attitude towards her. His speech about Peeta changed, as if he spoke he (Josh) needed to move on.

I don’t know … I know there is nothing concrete, but I believe they had something. And that was a blow to Josh she has back with her ​​ex. I always thought of Claudia as retaliation… … or as a strategy to move on.

It’s just what I think. None of this can be true. But it’s the way I read the facts.

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